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A World of Hurt with Annie O'Connor MSPT & Melissa Watson MSPT

Catholic Health Presents: A World of Hurt - Peripheral Neurogenic Pain: Neural Entrapment to Neural Dysfunction Exercise Prescriptions March 1 & 2, 2019 at Academic Wellness Center at Daemen College; 14.25 hrs CME for physicians; 14.25 CEU hrs for PT/OT

Feb 22nd, 2019
Strength & Resistance Training

Another article published in 2015 in the journal, Stroke, from Kyoto University in Japan clearing points out the risk of stroke, dementia and Parkinson’s disease was much higher in subjects that could not stand on one leg with eyes open for at least 20 sec

Aug 27th, 2017
Weight Training

Can you can increase your strength with resistance training at any age, even in your 90’s?

Aug 24th, 2017
Medical Expert & Guidelines

In every office appointment, the medical EXPERT is not just looking for the right thing to do; he is looking for the better thing to do.

Aug 10th, 2017
Experience vs. Expert in Medicine

A medical expert has extensive knowledge or ability in a given field of medicine based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study.

Aug 9th, 2017
Sitting = Smoking?

Now the answer to a question that most of us don’t want to hear.

Aug 1st, 2017
Walking Improves Grey Matter

More evidence comes from a study published in the journal Neurology from 2010 about how walking just 6-9 miles per week (that’s less than 2 miles/day 5 days/week) improved the preservation of grey matter in the brain.

Jul 12th, 2017
Core & Gluteal Strength

A study from Kyoto Japan, published in the journal Stroke in 2015 showed that in the subjects that could not stand on one leg with their eyes open for at least 20 seconds had more significant brain findings on their MRI scans.

Jul 11th, 2017
Exercise Motivation

One of the more challenging things I do every day, and you may as well, is trying to figure out how to motivate patients to exercise.

Jul 10th, 2017
Concussions and Football

Concussions and the brain damage they can cause have become a crucial issue for the National Football League.

Dec 13th, 2015
Knee Cartilage Degeneration

New research suggests that losing weight can slow the progression of knee cartilage degeneration in overweight and obese adults.

Dec 11th, 2015
Herniated Disc vs. Facet Joints

Many patients ask me how to differentiate between symptoms from a disc herniation and joint pain from the Facet Joints.

Dec 10th, 2015
Benefits of Drinking Tea

Drinking multiple cups of black tea (as opposed to green or other tea) with or without milk was linked to a substantially lower risk of fractures in older women who participated in the Calcium Intake Fracture Outcome Study (CAIFOS) and were followed for a

Oct 22nd, 2015

The national and international awareness of concussions over the past several years has been excellent.

Sep 7th, 2015
Acupuncture and Exercise

According to medical experts who presented scientific data at the North America Spine Society’s Evidence and Technology Spine Summit 2015, acupuncture seems to work best when combined with exercise rather than as a stand-alone treatment.

Jun 21st, 2015
Acupressure and Trigger Point Injections

Acupressure and trigger point injections were one of the topics presented at the North American Spine Society Summit 2015 by E. Kano Mayer MD from the Cleveland Clinic.

Jun 7th, 2015
Taking MRI's

Did you know that a recent study by Kuhn et. al. says that spine specialists should not take some MRI’s lying down?

May 31st, 2015
Newer Traction / Decompression Devices

William Sullivan, MD, University of Colorado, spoke at the North American Spine Society Summit 2015 on the newer traction/decompression devices (that can cost out of pocket in WNY between $2,500 – $8,500 for 12-20 treatments) as being no more effective tha

May 31st, 2015
The Problem With Sitting

A study by German researchers finds sitting too much is the new smoking — raising your risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

May 24th, 2015
Spine Biomechanic Facts

Here are some interesting spine biomechanic facts validated through research done by Stu McGill PhD who will be in Buffalo on April 5-6, 2013.

Mar 24th, 2015
Massage Therapy and Exercise

According to Ryan A. Tauzell MA, PT, MDT who presented at North America Spine Society (NASS) Summit 2015, massage therapy does seem to have a more beneficial effect when combined with exercise and was more effective in chronic over acute pain.

Mar 14th, 2015
Chronic Neck Pain

Neck pain is second only to low back pain in its frequency to office visits to physicians.

Mar 1st, 2015
Sports Injury Facts

About 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports

Feb 8th, 2015
Walking Theory

Did you know it is theorized that walking strengthens memory by increasing blood flow and growth in connections between cells in the hippocampus

Feb 1st, 2015
Text Neck Headaches

For headaches due to text neck try cervical retractions with chin tucks – hold for 3 minutes and release.

Jan 3rd, 2015
What is "Text Neck"?

The so-called “Text Neck” results from looking down while texting on a smartphone, tablet or working on a laptop computer.

Nov 14th, 2014
Skiing Tips

No matter what level of skier you are from beginner to expert, it’s important to take a ski lesson with a professional ski instructor every year.

Nov 2nd, 2014
Seeking Neck Pain Treatment

We have heard so much about low back pain as it is the most common reason in the world for people to be out of work.

Oct 19th, 2014
Wearing Helmets While Skiing

Of note is The New York State Medical Society just announced ski helmets are now required for all under age 14 years old in our state.

Oct 12th, 2014
Working in Cramped Spaces

What if you have a job that can only be performed in cramped spaces or with the head and neck in awkward positions?

Oct 7th, 2014
Common Cause of Neck Pain

After sitting, the next most common cause of neck pain is due to postural stress in the lying position.

Sep 30th, 2014
Running Injury

In summary, the runner is especially at risk for development of injury to the hip and pelvis secondary to chronic repetitive microtrauma.

Sep 28th, 2014
Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries of the hip and pelvis in runners may be classified as soft tissue injuries or as primary joint and bone pathology.

Sep 21st, 2014
Postural Stresses

Did you know that the most common form of neck pain is caused by overstretching of ligaments due to postural stresses?

Sep 18th, 2014
Running Myth

There is no shortage of training myths and unsound training practices in running.

Sep 14th, 2014
Training Errors

The first category of overuse injury in runners is training errors.

Aug 24th, 2014
Training for a 5k or 10k

Whenever training for a 5 or 10k race or a half or full marathon or just out for a run try something different.

Jul 27th, 2014
Biomechanical Approach

All too often, the runner who presents with pain or dysfunction in the hip or pelvis is approached from a one-joint or soft tissue injury concept.

Jul 20th, 2014
Golf Training - Stage 4

In STAGE 4 training for golf, exercises are designed to build strength by challenging the neuromuscular system.

Jul 6th, 2014

As we all know cycling is a great aerobic exercise.

Jun 21st, 2014
Golf Facts

Did you know these interesting facts about golf?

Jun 1st, 2014
Golf Swing

The golf swing generates tremendous forces on the spine through the axial rotation, compression, anterior-posterior shearing, torsion and lateral bending forces

May 25th, 2014
Low Back Pain and Golf

Patients with low back pain need to limit their golf play and focus on a rehabilitation program.

May 11th, 2014
Women Lifting Weights

Here is a surprising fact: Women who lift weights, even if they use heavy dumbbells won’t bulk up muscularly.

May 4th, 2014
Low Back Pain (LBP)

Low back pain (LBP) causes more disability globally than any other condition, according to 2 studies published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases.

Apr 27th, 2014
Herniated Disc Size

Did you know that the size of a herniated disc doesn’t matter and in fact, larger disc herniations have been shown to reduce in size, often more quickly than smaller disc protrusions?

Apr 20th, 2014
Low Back Pain and Sciatica

The best predictors that a patient will get better with low back pain and sciatica is Directional Preference and Centralization (movements that reduce pain).

Apr 13th, 2014
Benefits to Weight Training

52 weeks of weight training twice a week has the same effect as bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Actonel/Atelvia, Reclast and Boniva) on bone mineral density.

Apr 13th, 2014
Physical Exercise

Research confirms that while both mental and physical exercise are beneficial in preventing age-related cognitive decline and dementia, physical exercise shows the most benefit in reducing these deficits as we age.

Mar 23rd, 2014
Lower Back Pain in Children

We know that low back pain affects 80% of the population but did you know that its prevalence in children is somewhere between 7-51% depending on the study?

Mar 20th, 2014
Sports-Related Spine Injuries

Dr. Geraci recently Chaired the North American Spine Society (NASS) mid year meeting and he spoke on the Differential Diagnosis of Sports-Related Spine Injuries in Young Athletes.

Mar 15th, 2014
Bed Rest

Prolonged bed rest is no longer supported by research as a treatment for low back pain.

Mar 9th, 2014
Bone Mass Loss

The aging adult loses approximately 1% of bone mass per year after age 20.

Mar 2nd, 2014