Benefits of Drinking Tea

Drinking multiple cups of black tea (as opposed to green or other tea) with or without milk was linked to a substantially lower risk of fractures in older women who participated in the Calcium Intake Fracture Outcome Study (CAIFOS) and were followed for a mean of 5 years.

Specifically, in more than 1000 women with a mean age of 75, those who drank at least three cups of tea a day had a 34% lower risk of developing a serious osteoporotic fracture and a 42% lower risk of developing a hip fracture, compared with women who rarely drank tea, in this Australian trial. Future research might show how the effect of long-term tea drinking compares with taking therapeutic agents for fracture prevention. In the meantime, this study suggests that drinking a few cups of tea a day may be a useful added dietary preventive strategy for older women at high risk of fractures, the researchers conclude.

American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 2015 Annual Meeting; October 9, 2015; Seattle, Washington. Abstract FR0309.

Michael C. Geraci Jr.

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