Deciding Between Viscosupplementation or PRP

How do you decide between viscosupplementation or platelet rich plasma?

According to authors George Chang-Chien, D.O., Aaron Calodney, M.D.

• PRP has been demonstrated to be as good or even superior to viscosupplementation in multiple studies.
• Viscosupplementation is FDA approved ONLY for use in the knee, and thus typically not covered by insurance when used in any other joint.
• The theoretical risk of infection, or auto-immune reaction is lower with PRP as it comes from your own body, and contains leukocytes (white blood cells that fight infection).

In conclusion, platelet rich plasma has been demonstrated by multiple high level studies to be as effective or superior to viscosupplementation for knee arthritis. It does not pose a risk for reactive synovitis. The risk of infection or auto-immune reaction should be much lower, and there is significant cost savings when compared to viscosupplement injections.

Dr. Geraci continues to enhance his learning and skills by attending nationally recognized courses in regenerative medicine. PRP is an integral part of caring for his patients by using PRP in his office.

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