Spine Training for Skiing

Ideally Spine Training should begin 8-12 weeks before the start of ski season. Start getting ready now with simple body weight and gravity squats and lunges on level ground.

To build strength and endurance the fastest, research shows a 6:2 ratio will do it. The eccentric (down) phase is 6 seconds. The concentric (up) phase is 2 seconds.

Repetitions should be until you begin to fatigue or lose form. Because you will make about 30-50 short radius turns to get down the average slope in WNY, work up to about 30-50 repetitions over the next 2 weeks.

After that, do squats on an unstable surface like a BOSU (BOth Sides Up) balance trainer. This helps mimic the angle you will make on a slope.

Endurance is lost every 2-3 days so these exercises every 2-3 days but not on days you are skiing.

Michael C. Geraci Jr.

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