Spine Training for Skiing

How is Spine Training for Skiing different at short or long verticals?

The vertical/altitude changes the number of repetitions. Here is a good formula:
For 500-1500 vertical feet, take the number of short slalom turns from top to bottom (i.e. 55-60 turns)

Endurance training

*Jump rope for 60 hops or jumps

*30 step downs with each leg


For 1500-5000 vertical feet – take the number of long turns in approx. 2000 vertical feet (i.e. 150 turns)

Endurance training

*Jump rope for 75-100 hops or jumps

* 50-75 step downs with each leg


For > 2000 vertical feet use approximately 50% rule of number of turns

Michael C. Geraci Jr.

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