Overview of Occupational Medicine


In our country, lower back pain has replaced the common cold as the number one reason for being out of work. It’s an unfortunate fact that too many patients never return to their jobs due to a back injury, and some never return to work of any kind.

Our work partially defines who we are and more importantly, it provides income that supports both ourselves and our family. In many cases our job gives us access to group health insurance therefore, it is imperative that we are able to safely return to work as soon as possible. Being injured and out of work also has other detrimental effects. By staying healthy your chances for job advancement or finding employment that better suits you are greatly enhanced.

Occupational injuries require more than an accurate diagnosis and treatment. It is also important to identify the contributing factors that led to the injury and those that may hinder or prevent recovery. Factors such as bending and twisting incorrectly, sitting for prolonged periods, or lacking the proper strength and endurance for your job requirements can all play a part.

Dr. Geraci has the expertise and the experience to not only identify these contributing factors but to also diagnose and treat you for your work related injury. Although recurrence rates are as high as 90% in the 2 years following an initial injury, with proper treatment, recurrence can be as low as 10%. With the treatment and the development of a future program, you can be assured that you will receive the training for the demands of your job and acquire the skill to move correctly, which is essential to prevent further incidents. Treatment plans may include working with physical or occupational therapists, vocational professionals and your employer to ensure long term health and success.

The NYS Worker’s Compensation Guidelines changed several years ago and mirror the way Dr. Geraci has treated his patients for over 30 years. No one in his field has more experience treating people with work- related injuries and returning them to work.

Ensuring a healthy return to work may include:

  • A complete medical and occupational history and physical examination
  • Strength, endurance and biomechanical retraining specific for your needs and job requirements
  • Diagnostic testing when indicated, avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure
  • Physical Therapy based first on expertise and second on location
  • A home exercise program from day one to reduce your pain and speed up your recovery
  • Fluoroscopic and Ultrasound Guided Injections to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Regenerative Medicine (Using Platelete Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells from your own blood or fat cells).
  • Vocational Counseling and Training when returning to your job is not advisable or possible
  • Medications, short term use, to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Surgical referral, when indicated, and getting you back to see me to start your post – operative rehabilitation, as soon as possible
  • Dr. Geraci’s comprehensive and innovative approaches provide patients with lasting solutions to enable them to perform at their job long term, ensuring “Motion for Life”.