Overview of Regenerative Medicine


Dr. Geraci has trained with a Sports Medicine physician in Los Angeles who specializes in using both Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell treatment on patients including professional athletes from three teams in the Los Angeles area and now offers cutting edge regenerative medicine in Buffalo, NY.  Dr. Geraci uses the most advanced centrifuge systems available that can not only concentrate the platelets to the ideal level for healing but can also exclude the harmful red blood cells, neutrophils of the white blood cells yet keep the healing properties of the other white blood cells. Dr. Geraci, as the principle investigator, just completed an Internal Review Board (IRB) approved Stem Cell and PRP Study for shoulder, hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Dr. Geraci also is the co-chair of the North American Spine Society‚Äôs (NASS) mid-year meeting where he organized and moderated a session on the use of Stem Cells and PRP in the lumbar discs. This session was so well received at the 2015 meeting that it was selected for the 2016 program agenda. This is the largest spine society world-wide and this will be the first time a NASS meeting will have an entire session dedicated on this subject. Dr. Geraci was the only physician from the Buffalo area in attendance at this very important meeting where the most current researchers from around the world presented their studies.

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