Suggested Readings


This presentation synthesizes many research articles. However, the information has been synthesized into four books:

McGill, S.M., and Carroll, B., Gift of Injury, Backfitpro Inc, ( ), 2018.

McGill, S.M., (2015) Back Mechanic: The step-by-step McGill method to fix back pain. Backfitpro Inc, ( )

McGill, S.M. Ultimate back fitness and performance, Sixth Edition, Backfitpro Inc, 2017
Available at: ( )

McGill, S.M. Low Back Disorders: Evidence based prevention and rehabilitation – Third Edition, Human
Kinetics Publishers, Champaign USA, 2016

Four DVD’s illustrating the Assessment and Therapeutic exercise techniques and Performance enhancing
techniques used in the clinical portion of the course are also available:

McGill, S.M. (2012) The Ultimate back: Assessment and therapeutic exercise, Second Edition
McGill, S.M. (2010) Enhancing Performance,
McGill, S.M. and Brandon, L. (2016) The new science of golf

McGill S.M. and Bielak, P., Superstiffness for Combative Athletes: Enhance injury resilience and
improve performance. ( ), 2018